Sugar Cone

I’ve been working on exercises to strengthen my left arm so that I can feel complete again. I’ve been blogging on my experience of suffering from a stroke in late July 2020 bordering to Aug. So, to recap, I spent 1 month in the hospital, doctors had my prognosis as very poor…either to maybe brain dead or simply dead…geez. Well, I believe in God and I have faith in the God I serve, so the doctors were wrong(obviously since I’m blogging—ha, ha) as of today I walk, speak, can think coherently, write, etc.

Today, I wanted a sugar cone from my own freezer. Whelp, 2 dropped out my hands bf I was able to eat one. I’ve never even enjoyed sugar cones(somebody brought them), but as luck would have it, I had a taste for one. Life can laugh at inopportune times . My left arm isn’t as strong 💪🏾 as my right, so I had a fit of anger trying to unwrap the cone, which is how I dropped 2 cones:2 down, one saved.

I never considered how much my left hand/arm was as an important as my dominant hand until the stroke…I knew being a complete person is crucial to my life/creativity/ energy/spirituality… you know, I was born with all my limbs and my mind was complete, my nerves/ muscles/tendons, etc. How, like perhaps others, I took things for granted. I didn’t think unwrapping a sugar cone would one day be important ~JM True(dharma)