Grownup Children

Somewhere along the way our babies grow from needing you, to not considering that a parent might need them as they become grownup children.

No, it’s not an obligation, not required, but how about being considerate because life changes and a parent might need their grownup children.

Angelic faces, hugs, kisses, smiles, love that is more than a word…whatever happens to those days ? Parents teach, guide, set up moral standards of living, values, and show what reciprocity is in building healthy relationships.

Does it ever occur to grownup children that a parent might get low emotionally, have health setbacks that are entirely a surprise that you couldn’t see it coming? That a hug, a day of laughter , a nice brunch on a sunny day that brings joy and warmth to your heart, a simple question of “what can I do for you?”

Things can be done out of care, consideration,honor,just because…love being more than a word~Crooked Lavender~

*pic courtesy of Pixabay

Life’s Blessings

This is the first of couple weeks to February and the beginning of the 7th month since I suffered a bi-lateral pulmonary embolism.

There has been challenges, but I will not complain for what happened to me. The check off list of what I’ve been able to accomplish is nothing short of amazing !! From what my faith, divine Spirit has delivered me from– doctors told my family, I could possibly be brained dead following the trauma I sustained. Nope. -2 days later, the doctor were able to remove me off the ventilator. Sure, initially, I couldn’t swallow, walk, my speech was impaired, I had continence problems, had seizure activity, thoughts were like a piece of crooked lavender, and my left arm is weaker than the right. But grace, mercy, and my God’s love has covered me.

And…whew! the revelations since…amazing! I know for a fact I was born with discernment I didn’t always use or understand. But the real ME has surfaced and it’ s wonderful how things have been revealed.

Each day I continue to strengthen my mind, my physical body, and keep check on my emotions/mental wellness. I’ve had loving supporters and some prayer warriors in my corner throughout this process.

No, I will not complain, not even on tough days. I just keep challenging myself. In my opinion, there’s purpose in all things in life and even if my words are a lil’ off sometimes, I will be gracefully and lovingly the ~Crooked-Lavender~