Forward From The Back

Personally, “I look forward from the back .” I reflect how further back I was, to move myself forward.

In the past year since 2020, I’ve progressed from physical trauma of having to relearn, regain, renew so many things I took for granted. How you were born physically doesn’t mean that’s how you’ll always be. When I look forward from back on the day that my life I knew it, collapsed. That’s how I reflect how much felt I loss…and, in a way, I did have a loss. Many losses.

However, I’ve adapted, I’ve adjusted. I see how far away spiritually from myself I had become . I loss ME. Losing people is part of the journey and losing things happen and, my truth told , most people and things were worth losing because when I look back to come forward I needed to have the losses to BECOME. And…and…I’m not wanting others compliments nor words of praise because I get praises and give praises where it matters.

So a toast 🥂 to having couldn’t swallow, talk, walk, have any perception where I was, couldn’t manage daily tasks we do throughout the day, loss things, people , situations and on and on . I’m moving in courage forward from the back so that I can step in my purpose boldly and ‘blessedly’