The 🥑

I absolutely enjoy avocado’s. I like it on a sandwhich, in salads, on toast, a dip, maybe even pair it alongside kettle chips. Besides, they’re known to be healthy.

Now, the salad was prepared first and then I scored my avocado around the seed once it was ripened so I can have it in the salad. The salad is like a prop in a movie, it does have a purpose in the scheme of things…just not right now.

I don’t like to use the word limitation , but the world does. I have adapted to my current physical circumstance, which is that 1 year ago following a traumatic physical event, my ability to use my left hand enough to cut, score , loosen a seed out of an avocado was not possible. In fact, much was not possible when it came to using my left hand. So, over time with my faith and belief in my God, physical therapy, and motivation, ‘The Avocado’ has been a show of not giving up…not labeling myself .

Its my intention to support others in their journey of overcoming physical trauma despite how some ppl might see you. Of course, I have to stay with a physical regimen to go forward, but I see more of me growing in my spiritual self to give encouragement and love to of Us so deserving of living life in a glorious productive way *dreamaclin*