Its Just You and Your God

I could not phantom that life for me would become what it has. But I believe its part of my journey. And I’ve come to realize there’s little tolerance to those who don’t fit in the scheme of most people in the world thoughts, actions, behavior, which includes your own family .

But I have learned. I nearly lost my life following a traumatic stroke that affected both sides of my brain. But I know it’s part of my journey. There’s no patience for me from others when out shopping with the assistance of my husband or my adult children who cried themselves all out…when they thought I would not survive because that’s how things were for me the few days following the stroke and the doctors prognosis was grim…but they didn’t know the God I serve .

But my God let me know I still had work to do in this realm. So, I’ve been rolling with the punches to heal myself . And it hasn’t been easy …I Am that I Am that keeps going forward as my purpose keeps slowly evolving .

Just know people will not always be loyal nor will they necessarily give you compassion , but they will have a day when life turns to the left for them. Just know at the end of the day, it’s you and your God ~ Crooked Lavender~