It’s Your Healing

As time progresses, you have to grab hold of your healing. As time progresses no matter what someone tells, how loving, caring, sensitive, sympathetic , full of empathy…ppl get weary and you are THEE only the one who’s going to be responsible for your healing.

This is my opinion and I elect to be realistic about my experiences. So, know who you are and allow your spirituality take you to new heights. My life threw a curve ball thanks to a pulmonary embolism that allowed clots to affect both my lungs, up-down and the split through a small hole in my heart I was born with that traveled to my brain in resulting in a stroke. Nearly took my life. So, no matter how much ppl get tired of story, my inflictions as a result of the trauma sustained, I will count the mercy and grace given and I still look forward to a way I can care for, advocate, and encourage others~Crooked Lavender~ will begin to close this chapter of ME as I wrap up final blog entries knowing someone has viewed what I’ve written and have touched someone who has been encouraged. Thank you😉