See Her

I’m not invisible…just because life happened to me.

I had to stop not being what fit for others needs, and make excuses when I felt hurt by the actions of others . Not allowing my voice to be heard by the MAN…I could not allow myself to morph into the LADY I didn’t want to be-come…My attitude could be defensive, could be rough as needed. Didn’t plan to be ThAT girl , so when needed , I came out fighting.

I was independent, learned to soothe myself, and had a career that allowed me to pour all of me to others to build THEM up. I was moving about my days not stopping to breathe, not take inventory of what was important and vital to my own survival. Experiences had me one way or another.

And then one day…my world came crashing down. In order to recover , renew, restore , I had to grab hold to my spirituality . Grab hold to the God in me. It’s been an awakening in many ways as I see how sooo many walk pass me and others ‘like’ me, see me as not who THEY remember . Guess what? I am NOT that person . I am the me destined to be and I get stronger each day (the is prt 1 of the tormenter hostile)~Crooked Lavender~