Grownup Children

Somewhere along the way our babies grow from needing you, to not considering that a parent might need them as they become grownup children.

No, it’s not an obligation, not required, but how about being considerate because life changes and a parent might need their grownup children.

Angelic faces, hugs, kisses, smiles, love that is more than a word…whatever happens to those days ? Parents teach, guide, set up moral standards of living, values, and show what reciprocity is in building healthy relationships.

Does it ever occur to grownup children that a parent might get low emotionally, have health setbacks that are entirely a surprise that you couldn’t see it coming? That a hug, a day of laughter , a nice brunch on a sunny day that brings joy and warmth to your heart, a simple question of “what can I do for you?”

Things can be done out of care, consideration,honor,just because…love being more than a word~Crooked Lavender~

*pic courtesy of Pixabay