Utter Words Spoken

The words we utter can have a deep impact. Thoughtless words in a moment of anger, selfishness, being purposely mean spirited, words said from our own brokenness , can cause one to (1) reap what you sow and (2) live to with regrets if not given the chance to repair the damage…refer back to #1.

I’m no different, for each of us at some time or another have spoken terrible words. Not even , necessarily on purpose , just not understanding the weight of the words. If you’re given spiritual grace, your God can grow you in your spiritual walk and wisdom teaches you the understanding of how, why, and the ramifications of thoughtless words.

My prayers , as I am a believer of a God that’s infinite and dwells inside, that the two daughters I birthed will be given the grace, mercy, and compassion from the God they say they believe that they’ll reconcile with themselves the impact of their words towards their mom, dad, each other, towards others in their daily life.

After all, is it not our responsibility to grow in love, and let our private thoughts that become public thoughts not hurt others ~Crooked-Lavender~