Burden Of Imbalance

It has been revealed on my journey of freedom, truth, and continued spiritual growth, that my mother is not aware of the imbalance still even at this elder life cycle she’s in, that her root chakra/muladhara has been fragmented.

Within her instability of emotions that she has carried around, she passed on not being grounded and not feeling secure. Her fears were pushed onto her children and she hasn’t been open to or wanting to learn at anytime in her life, how to gain clarity to become more balanced…for her sake.

Not everyone chooses to unpack their emotional tangled roots; it requires deep inner work and nobody taught her how to understand what is within herself or perhaps many in her family members did not learn themselves to not pass on the same tangled roots.

Our root chakra releases us to have peace, security, survival and love. One can embrace harmonious relationships. Without that energy, without awareness, the root chakra is imbalanced.

I have realized that my mother has manifested many fears, fragmented shaky relationships and has been trying to love. Yet doesn’t have love of self. She articulates not being secure, love- able, not giving herself love. I’m able to see her patterns, but  I do the soul work , therapy, self-awareness work, and I recognize through Spirit…finally, I have been free of her pushed upon fears. As in life, I keep open to next levels of growth so , I don’t stunt myself ~crooked-lavender~