Tap On My …Spirit

Yesterday it came upon my thoughts there’s some personal items in a heavy plastic storage container I own from the stationery/office isle at my local super store .

This early dawn the thought came up again. I knew I’d not rest until what I sought surfaced. My spirit is determined. I would have to use some ingenuity …hmmm. At the right moment a tap on my spirit, the universe, delivered what I needed as it does at all times. In my opinion, so as to not suggest others spiritual realities, I was born with everything I need down to finite details.

Universe and spiritual

I am physically restoring my energy and strength, so I used my long arms to twirling this heavy container around and around while it is on a top shelf in my closet until I could figure out, by color-coded folder inside, by what I remembered six months ago what it’s the contents until I could reach inside top of container pushing on my strong tiptoes and strong legs as I pull out the precise folder needed.

The tap on my spirit guided at the exact folders in the precise angle. I didn’t have to ask anyone BUT the universe what to do what in my thoughts turned to actions. Ase’ was all I could say~Crooked-Lavender