Endless Wonder no

I would like to question “why don’t people make the most of the time given by their higher power?” In particularly, before a loved one dies. Somehow, I’m pretty sure to the answer.

There’s sooo many opportunities to share laughter, have small talk, enjoy brunch, have those uncomfortable talks , have a family gathering. Yet, it’s when there’s no more of those moments, too often that hits most people in the gut…POW! that’s it.

I have gone to a series of health crisis’ and I’ve watched how things shifted of treating a person like life is near death, to had some waves up and down in health, of the return of treating a person back to the ‘life goes on mentality’ whelp…sometimes it’s too late.

Is it just too much effort to treat your loved one with appreciation and offer that same or nearly the same enthusiasm, as if there’s endless time to love on the person. How about spending the time with them is as your ‘to do list’…perhaps number 1 on the list. That living life on purpose of sharing love and yourself /time is important . These are just the thoughts of ~ crooked-lavender.