Winter’s Grace

I’m from the mid west and winter can be your best friend with unseasonably not-so- cold weather. You can enjoy sunny, brisk walk trail along or a beast with it’s harsh , bitterly cold temperatures. The rushing of winds almost chase to your front door as you hurry inside.

Winter wonder

Winter is the 3 months the earths axis is furthest from the sun. This is the season that symbolizes the death of life in the underground , fruit trees are barren , plants are dormant, animals store up food, and due to ecology this the time to energize and converge in preparation into renewal and restoration.

This is also a spiritual reflection and growth. For me, this is much time of solitude and new ideas that come forth as a result. Symbolic winter season brings death of all that serves no purpose in this next transition of life and abundance emerges . Something to look forward that’s refreshing along the way makes winter’s grace essential ~crooked-lavender .