Will yourself to BE

It’s the last day of October 2020, on November 3rd I’ll Be 3 months healed according to this worlds time. My spirit states dictates my healing.

What I’ve learned from ppl that words without actions and words without true intention and words without value, are simply-empty.

Someone I love told me at the end of the day,”at the end of the day, it’s only you and your God.” Oh I’m blessed, a miracle, a child of God for certain, faithful to my God and will surely glorify God. I WILL BE what my God calls me to BE.

I’ve never been a person who surrounded myself by many, I was born with discernment that cultivated over the years through experiences , yet I haven’t always exercised my gift… my mistake. But when the chips are down you find out who’s for you, find out who isn’t with you, who really got your back. And I ain’t mad at no one… but life is a teacher. I’m grateful for my experiences no matter how difficult. So, I thank one and all for seasons for when you were sent to me- or not…you just showed up like an extra in a movie.

I’m a Scorpio of many lives and I will BE~JM True~