Uplifting When Your Moods Downshifting

From my perspective to, hopefully the benefit of others, taking care of your well being is up to you. So to keep your mind productive, your energy replenished, mood lifted, and feeling renewed to keep moving forward to the next day, week, month , begin to tune in with Mother Earth.

She provides vibrantly colorful flowers, she provides, tasty naturally sweet fruits , nutritious veggies. Rich soil. She nurtures. She grounds us. Try tapping into your senses of touch, taste, smell, really seeing, and really listening. Play music that heals and reaches to your spirit. Find or create a sacred space for solitude. Be willing to say ‘no’ without guilt. Move your body: dance freely, explore your body. What feels good? Appreciate what you see when you look at your body.

It’s also uplifting for you to uplift someone else. Generating love to those who genuinely hold a space for you begets more love all around. Uplift the downshift because moods can and will shift.