Lovely Lavender

Some mornings I like to sit leisurely on my sofa with a cup of hot tea specially blended for my digestive system. I can view the woodsy area out my front window where I’ve had the pleasure of seeing brilliantly colored birds, a fox or two, rabbits, and beautiful hues of cats. I’ve seen squirrels playing , chasing one another. As I take my moments for self care, I also love the to smell the aroma of lavender drops in a candle.

I adore the lavender fest at Blake’s Farm in Michigan. It’s all things lavender! Delicious treats infused with lavender. It’s a day trip when I want to be in the midst of lavender, it’s the crafts, it’s the people. Lavender is known to have properties that calm and relax you. A day on this farm emerged in lavender is a treat for the senses.

Part of my self care is to use lavender with a carrier oil, such as jojoba to pour in my bath water. My strong suggestion with any use of essential oils is to know your supplier ! to know if your oil is blended properly and I strongly encourage others to research any essential oil before using because, like lavender, it’s multi purpose in its uses: cooking, healing, etc. Understand what, why, and how to use essential oils. If you have access to a holistic doctor, utilize that person.

When choosing a self care ritual consider (1) what works best for you , (2) know that it’s not being selfish, it’s that you’re conscious of self enough to put you first so that you’re a more balanced person, and (3) make it a daily practice to honor you and your journey. I just happen to be a lavender girl seeing lavender fields taking her space in this huge world to love on myself ~JuniperBelle ~