Behind The Wall…

These were a couple of actions towards finding myself, I began to (1) determine what of me needed to stay and what needed to go. In being honest with myself I’m certain I carried faulty belief systems that others imprinted in my psyche. So, I new this would require me to enlist some help. I’d need to learn to reconstruct my thinking , my beliefs, and figure out the why’s. We all have past experiences that can be dissected. I know that I have some defenses; the wall has been up. I would only give so much of myself to another. I know it was a time I felt the absence of a great love and it made me sad and angered. Then (2) I knew and began to look inner as to how to relinquish things that were keeping me in a space unhealthy for progress.

I began to delve into increasing my awareness of energy, self, chakras, the universal significance of my time, space, reality. I connected with a teacher to do soul work, to learn about what chakra is associated with what organ, emotional connections, I had to learn how to unravel my pain, increase my understanding of healed/healthy mind, body, spirit. It was no easy feat and it’s about consistency because life changes.

I’m always doing the work and encourage others to invest in self 😉~JuniperBelle~