I Began To Seek 🧐

I was sheltered from the world as I grew up and I was sheltered from being allowed to own my feelings and my voice…I could quietly withdraw into my created world of make believe which suited some people just fine. But I always sensed deeply, could feel deeply about other’s vibes, and intuitively just know some things… I didn’t know what to do with that and I didn’t dare say that to the adults around me. I simply , most times, behaved in acceptable ways to please others.

Often times women are in similar circumstances, raised to be dutiful and quiet. Just be…but be what??? Or they know of women somewhere in their lineage that was raised that way. So, often nurturing while they’re being ‘protected’ by men who keep them/us naively tucked into a way of functioning that can be limiting at best.

It’s easy to lose yourself. It’s easy to forget your desires, that you have inner strength, that you can be rational, logical. That you possess a power that keeps propelling you forward. Seek out who you are by learning to reconnect with source. Do self inventory of what are your qualities, what values do you have, your abilities, your capabilities, what do you like or not. Be willing to be honest with yourself about your feelings. Look in a mirror and really see what reflects back; do you like her? Why or why not. Loving her might be a challenge for some, but you can strive for ‘like’ as a beginning-~JuniperBelle