Corona Virus: pandemic

*photo credit Pixabay

Globally in the year 2020, we live in the midst of a pandemic. I choose to live without fear and stay faithful to the God I trust and has served me well during very dark times. I choose to proceed with living cautiously as I always have to stay safe and well: I’ve always washed my hands regularly, disinfect my living space, stay home when I knew my immune system was not up to full capacity instead of going around others, etc. I choose to use self quarantine for continued elevation of self: I mediate daily, I’m writing a chapter a day in the book I’m bringing into fruition. I finally got this blog going. I do self care by treating myself well and indulging in a yummy treat here and there. I communicate thru technology with my church members and people I have positive relationships with. I laugh, I love, I live !