Order From Chaos

JuniperBelle’s Lost Her Way
5/6/19 (rewrite/edited by lkm/JuniperBelle).

Life had found a way to strip me of who I knew myself to be.

No one likes calls that come after 12a.m. , but that’s exactly what happened and my life was turned sideways, upside down , and any other way that spins you out of the orbit.

Before that I was moving along in my happiness that I created for myself as I grew from child-teen-adult doing the best I knew to do with the experiences I had lived whether they were good, bad or somewhere in between.

Perhaps happiness was an extended temporary state of being because it was shattered by an outside devastating turn of events. It took almost a decade of complicated grieving to begin rising above the heartache.

This lost has been what has given me life . Ladies, it’s an awakening to come in all things. ~JuniperBelle ~