Thus It Begins

5/2/2019 ( final revision since making notes, jotting ideas 4/8/19)

It’s morning as I sit near the window in the sacred space of my home looking out onto the sunshine that’s bursting through. I’ve got my tablet resting comfortably in my lap and I’m allowing the beauty of the morning to free flow. The season is spring and I’m in the midst of my 3 R’s: restoration, renewal, and reclaiming. I’ve been harvesting during the winter what I want in this new season and it hasn’t been easy. In fact, possibly just like with you, I was thrust into my 3r’s…again. Let me say on my own behalf, my life tends to do this when I won’t voluntarily do it. However, the power of womanhood prevails when it’s all said and done.

It’s the season of gardens…literally , but in this case, metaphorically. Imagine yourself in this wonderful, bountiful garden of whatever pleases you as long as it brings forth all that is nourishing to your soul. It reigns supreme of all that is sweet, comforting, it’s awareness and colors of reds, greens, yellows and purples unfold. It gives you the strength to take on what the day brings. Your roots are strong and the pruning of what isn’t healthy happens along your walk through your garden. But just like a garden which must be tended to the time to start tilling matters. When you go outside to where your garden was covered under the harshness of winter and you wonder is it time to till, to bring forth the new, the soil lets you know… the experiences of yourself let’s you know… are you crumbling emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually exhausted , and drained of your energy?

Soil in your garden can crumble ,too, as you grip it in your hands sometimes and you realize it can also be so compact, so hard, so closed off from a life source …that’s when you know it’s time to put in the work. You can’t overdo, underdo, handle without care or purpose. Tilling breaks up, it adds to, and it rids soil of bad roots. You are the determining factor of what to till, how deeply you need to go. You determine if you’re ready when you see all the signs .

Womanhood to me is essentially strength, it can be so many good things all at once, but if all the good plain ol’ nurturing given to others isn’t reciprocated to self, you become depleted… psst, I’m saying Amen to that because that was me, thus, women of the world if you know it is or has been YOU… Can you say restoration, renewal, and reclaiming?

Welcome to my journey, a journey, the journey, jOURney. ~JuniperBelle~